We are now accepting nominations to honor refugee community leaders!

Twin Cities World Refugee Day | Nominate a Community Leader

The Twin Cities World Refugee Day Planning Committee is excited to announce that we will be accepting nominations to recognize amazing refugee community leaders. Although we live in world that can feel divided at times, the exceptional efforts and energies of many people unite our diverse communities. These leaders bridge our diverse communities in order to shift us to a collective cultural narrative that welcomes and accepts all.

The Planning Committee will accept nominations for 3 different refugee community leader awards. We will accept nominations until June 30th, and the committee will make final decisions. The refugee community leaders will receive an award and speak at the event on Sunday, July 15th 2018 at Loring Park in Minneapolis, MN on the main stage.

The 3 refugee community leader awards are the following:

  1. Visionary Award – a community leader who has demonstrated visionary leadership to advance equity and justice with and for refugee communities in Minnesota.
  2. Innovator Award – a community leader who has demonstrated creative and artistic work to advance the stories of refugee communities in new and innovative ways.
  3. Youth Award – a youth community leader who has demonstrated a commitment to work with youth to advance a vision that unites all communities.

The thousands of refugees who have made Minnesota their home are vital and enriching to the overall fabric of our culture, and we hope to recognize a few of the many outstanding leaders who are working toward equity, inclusion and justice for all.

Previous honored community leaders:

Have you met our previous honorees? They are extraordinary individuals who have contributed to Minnesota’s various communities in unique and significant ways

“Poor people are not poor in spirit or poor in community.” – 2014 Bush Fellow, UMN OLPD PhD Candidate, and TCWRD Honorary Chair Jamal Adam, who lived 7 years in a refugee camp.

“My role is to not just share my story but also to encourage others to share theirs and to really start a conversation about our contributions [as] refugees and immigrants…” – Sousada Chidthachack







2015 Honorary Chairs: (L to R) Mimi Oo , Wilhelmina Holder, Jameelah Hassoon, Saw Poe Thay Doh

2014 Honorary Chairs: (L to R) IBé, Sousada Chidthachack, Jamal Adam, Ifrah Mansour, Caroline Nguyen Ticarro-Parker, Vichet Chhuon

2013 Honorary Chairs: (L to R) Mrs. Eva Saucedo, Susan Mezum Lien, Chay Douangphouxay, Khadra Abdi, Angelique Cooper-Liberty, Amina Saleh (not pictured)